Supporting Local Business in Edinburgh

These UK Shared Prosperity Fund projects are under the Supporting Local Business theme.  This theme supports local businesses in Edinburgh to thrive, innovate and grow.

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Supporting Local Business projects


Project: Business Gateway Plus

Additional services to the baseline Business Gateway offering will increase the numbers of high-value start-up businesses, increase start-up numbers from previously underrepresented demographics and support first-time exporters to enter new markets.

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Business Gateway


Project: Green Tech

Green Tech accelerator programme that teaches entrepreneurial skills to build new startups that have a positive environmental impact at their core.

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Code base


Project: MedTech

Development of an investment fund that educates and then funds MedTech startups that focus on products and services that improve health.

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Code base


Project: Net Zero Edinburgh

Net Zero Edinburgh support small and medium enterprises to make a just transition to net zero. They are achieving this through the delivery of a five-step programme, supported by events, toolkits and knowledge sharing.

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Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Net Zero Edinburgh


Project: BCORP500

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce is funded through UKSPF to support businesses on the journey to Net Zero. Everyone’s Edinburgh received funding to carry out research to understand how businesses in Edinburgh can be supported to consider and pursue being businesses of purpose who pursue inclusion and sustainability alongside their profit-focussed activities. Through these two pieces of work, an ambitious plan has been developed to support businesses in Edinburgh to become BCorps. This plan will be supported by UKSPF in Year 3 of the programme. Certified B Corporations are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

This year, a marketing campaign and series of events will lay the groundwork for an initiative to support 500 Edinburgh businesses to become BCorps.

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Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Net Zero Edinburgh
Everyones Edinburgh Business for good


Project: Business for Good

This project is aiming to support businesses on their journey to becoming more purpose-driven and aware of the impact they have. The aim is to create a city-wide culture where business success means making a positive impact on economic prosperity, social well-being and environmental sustainability.

The UKSPF grant will fund research to understand what businesses, especially SMEs, need from the business support ecosystem, and what the ecosystem could offer and achieve if it operated in a more co-ordinated way.

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Everyones Edinburgh Business for good


Project: Destination Marketing

In April 2023, a new campaign proposition will be developed in alignment with the city’s tourism marketing objectives. Forever Edinburgh: ‘The Beauty Within’ will bring visitors closer to Edinburgh through stunning visuals, videos and written content.

The campaign aims to capitalise on the emerging consumer travel trend of visitors seeking unique and memorable experiences.

It will utilise Edinburgh’s reputation as a beautiful city, both inside and out. It will also show target audiences that Edinburgh is a city for everyone and generate new inclusive content.

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Forever Edinburgh