Vocational Training Framework (VTF) Employer Advice

Are you looking for skilled workers? We can help.

We understand that it can be a challenge to find enough people to fill your vacancies. VTF focuses on helping you with entry-level recruitment and the talent management process.


Capital City Partnership partners with training providers to deliver free, sector-specific skills training through our VTF.

We collaborate with the Department for Work and Pensions, Skills Development Scotland, Developing the Young Workforce and other employability support provisions across the City to find the right people keen to move into work.

VTF provides employability and vocational training and links ready-for-work trainees with recruiting employers. Our courses are designed to complement your recruitment practice and be an effective, alternative way to bring the right people into your business.

We have a commitment from City of Edinburgh Council funding to identify opportunities and links with employers, with a focus on priority sectors in need of staff. This programme is funded by the Scottish Government.

Working closely with employers is the key to delivering success for our city's economy.

benefits to Employers

  • Our VTF courses can be tailored to your organisation requirements and to recruit for specific roles.
  • Sector-specific training supports your recruitment needs by giving participants the skills you're looking for.
  • Direct contact with suitable and skilled candidates interested in your sector.


Individuals have the opportunity to learn from industry insight, gain recognised certificates and have a guaranteed interview.


VTF Academy Reviews

"We feel the VTF was perfect for our needs and it allows the participants to be well equipped and ready for work, once the programme is complete."

“We have worked closely with VTF Trainers and the VTF team to find appropriate candidates and also support them through onboarding and placement. The team are incredibly approachable and helpful.”


Further support

Working with us you not only gain a skilful and motivated team member but also our advisor who can support you in introducing new staff to your business. We provide mentorship and support during the first months of employment so that the employees we bring to you stay on the job.

We can also offer in-work, progression training for staff to help them move on towards more supervisory roles or reskill your workers for in-demand roles.


We find, train, and help you recruit skilful and motivated candidates in entry and middle-skill roles across a range of sectors. These are the sectors we offer training for at the moment. We can tailor our courses to your organisation and requirements.


VTF is now a well established and successful model. In our first year we delivered 18 VTF Academies for 18 different employers in need of staff.

  • VTF Course completion rate

  • Went on to work with our participating employers

  • Businesses who agreed the VTF Team understood and met their needs

  • employers confirmed the VTF was beneficial for their business

  • employers likely to refer VTF to another colleague or organisation seeking recruitment or training support



  • Our training Coordinator Gosia Lysakowska is smiling

    Gosia Lysakowska

    Training Coordinator, Joined Up for Business

  • Project Support Officer Kara McFadyen is smiling

    Kara McFadyen

    Project Support Officer, Joined Up for Business

If you would like to talk to us about any of our VTF in further detail, we’d love to hear from you. Complete the Notice of Interest form or for further information email the training team at Capital City Partnership