Recruitment and Skills Centres Network Project

The Integrated Employer Engagement Project is developing our relationships with partners and business to create a network of Recruitment and Skills Centres. We can improve employer relationship building, enhance service delivery and support job matching.

The project will provide more recruitment and skills centres across the Edinburgh and South East Scotland area. Using partnerships and best practices, we will target sectors with a high demand for skills.

Our network of Recruitment Skills Centre’s has built expert knowledge of industries such as:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Digital Skills
  • Health and social care
  • Green Skills

How can the Recruitment and Skills Centres Network benefit my business?

The Recruitment and Skills Centre Network is working to introduce Regional Skills Partnerships. We work with the private, public and third sectors to develop a regional skills offer using Labour Market data.

A regional offer benefits employers by focusing the efforts of partner organisations to better meet their skills and recruitment needs.

By creating a dedicated resource, in areas where there are, or will be, job opportunities - employers can access a larger pool of talent more easily and quickly.

By adopting this approach, we will provide a focal point for employability providers to access jobs and opportunities for their clients.

We are keen to engage with businesses who need help with recruitment problems. Whether they be long-standing, sectoral issues or barriers brought on by Brexit, the pandemic, current labour market and economic trading conditions or obstacles businesses face when developing their own skills and academy offerings.

RSC Support and Grants Programme and consultancy service

We have learned a lot from the success of our Recruitment and Skills Centre Network and can act on a consultancy basis.

We can help employers to set up Training Academies and Centres, both physical centres or an on-the-job academy model.

The Recruitment and Skills Centre Network manages a small budget to help businesses set up and develop Academies and Training Centres.

If you want to set up an Academy or a Training Centre and are facing financial barriers, you may be able to access funding through our RSC Support and Grants Programme.

To discuss our consultancy service or Support and Grants Programme, contact the Integrated Employer Engagement team.

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